September 23, 2013

Taking Care of Your Hair

Hair loss or alopecia is a condition which affects both male and female population.  It commonly occurs after taking a bath especially among women during brushing one’s hair. Several factors were considered as causes for hair loss.  A certain phenomenon called Telogen effluvium...

Locking in Skins Moisture

You probably find yourself unable to sleep and annoyed one day, so you decided to walk into a department store or local pharmacy looking for a moisturizing lotion to get rid of those flakes and itchiness which often presents signs of dry skin. Dry skin is a very common skin...

Addressing Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris or what is commonly known as Acne, is a kin condition that commonly occurs during puberty where most sebaceous or oil glands become active. Formation of acne usually takes place when dead skin cells clog the pores especially when the body starts to secrete more than...