ISD access agreement has to be followed in order to become a genuine member of the ISD website and be able to get hold of valuable information, research and posts that the group has to offer. Part of the ISD access agreement is to become an ISD member.

The access agreement has to start with an official membership in order to be able to join the discussion forum. Only the members would be able to access the forum that discusses major topics related to International Society of Dermatology and one can only remain a member through continuous online participation and adherence to the rules and regulation of ISD.

In the ISD access agreement, there are certain rules that have to be followed. When posting in the Discussion forum members have to make sure that they will only provide related topics when it comes to the International study and treatment of dermatology and avoid any spams or product advertisements.

The members need to follow the standards for Privacy of information including electronic safety rule or the security rules that are present in the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Remember that the post that will be provided will not remain confidential and because of that the members should avoid posting the names of the patient and any photos that might identify them as well as other characteristics.

The items found in the discussion forum can be reproduced by the members and this can be posted and downloaded as well as disseminated and therefore members have to be careful and discreet when providing information with regards to their patients.

The users need to remember that any posted information is neither a direct recommendation nor an endorsement for a certain disease and for particular patients. These are just sources of information that can facilitate the discussion or the given topic.

In the ISD access agreements every user has to avoid making false or defamatory statements to each other. Vulgar and obscene language as well as hateful or threatening messages should be avoided. The groups will not allow discrimination of religion, nationality; ethnicity, sexual preference as well as race and users need to avoid providing any information that will lead to the invasion of privacy of other users.

In the agreement members are not allowed to discuss regarding prices, terms of service or to exchange practice management in order to avoid violating federal laws.